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Eliminating waste, reducing costs, and increasing revenues in hospitality

Are you a bar or restaurant manager?

Every year restaurants, bars, and hotels face millions in losses in bar inventory due to overpouring, theft, and breakage.

Our Solution

Our Internet of Things solution is practical, affordable, and the industry is excited for it. 


No more measuring, weighting, or estimating bottles individually. Let our product do this for you.

You'll get real-time data of every bottle in the bar.
  • "Real time information sounds amazing! We currently pay someone to come in, manually measure each bottle and give us a report on inventory at the end of each week. This makes their service obsolete".
    Bar Manager
  • “We just consider these losses as inventory shrinkage and part of doing business. No technology solution in place.”
    Restaurant General Manager
  • “It’s a hit! I’ve had this idea for years to build an app that would let you take a picture of the bar at the end of each day and then calculate how much is left on each bottle”
    Restaurant Owner

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